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Pour Painting is a fun way to create one of a kind, abstract art. We love that no two pieces will be identical and there’s always a surprise element in the finished product. It’s also a simple art project anyone can do, even for those who don’t consider themselves an artist.

Due to how simple and easy it is, pour painting is a great school holiday activity. Set the kids outside or at a craft table with their painting gear (make sure tables are covered with old sheets and kids have old shirts on) and give them complete creative freedom with colours. They’ll love the surprise element of the finished product and having their own art hanging on their bedroom wall.

Or make this your next DIY home decorating project. If you are like most of us and watching the budget, a pour paint is a great way to create affordable and stylish art for your home. You can choose colours to suit your home decor and our great range of art boards and canvases mean you get the exact size you need for that blank wall.

We also love the idea of setting up your own sip and paint for a girl’s night in. Choose one colour scheme as a theme and see how differently they turn out. The results could be hilarious after a few champagnes!

Pinterest and Youtube are a great place to look for inspiration and cover all kinds of techniques and methods for achieving different looks.

What you will need for a Beginner’s Pour Paint project.

A canvas or art board of any size.

Pour Paint  in a selection of colours

A container to hold the paint before you pour. An old cup or bowl will work well.

Some kind of plastic sheet or drop sheet for the surface you will be working on. It can get messy!

Paint Aprons or old shirts for kids

Wood stirrer or palette knife

Bargain Central has a great range of Acrylic Pour Paints, Canvas Boards , Art Pads & Visual Diaries , Art Brushes and art accessories . Visit us in store  or buy online with us today!

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