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We all know the difference having a good hair day makes to your confidence. If your hair looks good you feel great, have a bounce in your step and can take on the world. But on a bad hair day, nothing feels right. Your clothes are wrong, your make-up looks bland and you all together feel BLAH. And that’s not just for grown-ups.

Hair can also be tricky for kids. Any mum will tell tales of how stressful it is fighting to get knots out their child’s hair and how reluctant they can be to have it tied back for daycare or school.

But with some simple tricks you can turn any bad hair day into a good one and the team at Bargain Central have everything you need to make it happen.

Nothing speaks to a child like sparkles and colour and our range of affordable kid’s hair accessories make doing their hair fun. Check out YouTube for fabulous tutorials on easy ways to style your kids hair, using our range of clips, hair ties and accessories to complete the look. Another way to eliminate stress is to find a hairbrush that doesn’t scratch or scrape and you may even find they start wanting  to do their own hair.

School children often have restrictions around the colour and type of hair accessory they can wear to school. And while they may be limited in colour they can still be creative with how they style their hair. Once again, a hair brush they love using and kept in their school bag will help keep hair manageable and tidy.

And for women, make every day a good hair day with a collection of simple and easily accessible hair accessories . If you’re in a rush to do the school run or get to work achieve instant style with a high pony or messy bun. If you’ve been to the gym and need to get to a meeting, a spray of dry shampoo and putting your hair up with a pretty scrunchie will get you there in no time.

Whatever the age, stage or lifestyle, Bargain Central has you covered for affordable, on trend hair accessories. You can find our latest range here or check out our store locations here.

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