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Celebrating the milestones in our lives with the people we love is an important ritual and hosting a party is one of the best ways to gather friends and family together.

And while they are fun to attend, some people find party organisation stressful. They think of the time and cost involved in cooking, theming and cleaning for the event and freeze. But it doesn’t have to be hard OR expensive and the team at Bargain Central have come to the rescue with some great cost saving party theming ideas.

There are hundreds of great ways to theme a party. One of the most popular is to choose a period in time. 70’s and 80’s parties are heaps of fun and a quick Pinterest search gives guests loads of ways of dressing the part. When it comes to party decorations for these time periods, we suggest bright, multicoloured balloons and accessories. Our numbered helium balloons make a perfect entrance piece or place them prominently for guests to get the obligatory Insta story pic.

Other fun themes are alphabet parties, superhero parties or your kids favourite TV character. We’ve seen amazing Bluey parties recently where kids dress as their favourite family member and all accessories are blue, yellow and red. This is simple, affordable and super effective!

A simple theme that can be executed beautifully is colour. This is perfect for a baby shower – theme it pink or blue (or any colour you like). This gives guests inspiration for gift giving but also allows you to create a beautiful space with table decorations , balloons and floral arrangements.

Your local park is the perfect location for a kid’s birthday party. It’s free, there’s plenty of space for running around and play equipment is right on hand. Keep it simple and stress free with eco-friendly, paper plates and cups that can be easily disposed of when you pack up. Balloons, candles and coloured table cloths in your child’s favourite colour will help create a festive look.

Check out Bargain Central’s affordable range of party & toys here. If you’d prefer to visit us in store you will find our locations here.

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